“Why am I here? What am I here to do?” Ryan Bucci asks you to SIT with these questions…

“Can you be REAL while staying NICE? That’s a whole new thing…” Former professional basketball athlete, Ryan shares what it means to be BOLD!

“LIBERATION is what we are all about: I don’t want let my time slip away”, says Ryan Bucci, in this conversation.

Listen to this episode in which Ryan breaks down the complexity of life into such accessible ways that your heart will smile! Listen to a beautiful conversation from a beautiful person, inside and out.

Understand what it means to be REAL, rather than simply NICE… Ryan’s way of conveying what tools you can use to make that shift inside you is so powerful! EMOTIONAL SWEETNESS was mentioned a few times!

MUST listen so that you can get to connect with who you really are, and make a SHIFT right away!

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