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Mindset Mastery Coach by A tsunami survivor

You have the ability to be extraordinary!
Become a self-master!

You don’t need to survive a tsunami to Infuse Boldness and Consciousness into your leadership.

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Learn to Feel Free by Mastering ANY Area of Your Life

The external environment is always uncertain. It can cause anxiety and stress, if you allow it. You have to know that fear and courage are on the same plane. Events are, by themselves, neutral. It is the response we choose to give them that makes them negative or positive.

TSUNAMI SURVIVOR Raju Panjwani helps you navigate your path as a bold and conscious leader, taking you from perceiving chaos to experiencing fulfillment.

Clarity and Purpose

Purpose and clarity are interconnected. Understanding who you really are will lead to a purposeful life.

Energy and Influence

Everything about us is energy and this energy is contagious. Let Raju show you how to use that energy with congruence and connection to create your sphere of influence.

Core Conflicts and Emotional Triggers

Identifying our core conflicts Helps you change your state when you are triggered by people or situations.

Unity and Money Consciousness

Unity consciousness begins when you accept all parts of ourselves. When you shift your perspective from scarcity to abundance, you are able to thrive.

Discipline and Intergrity

When discipline and integrity become a way of life, your inner being recognizes areas of learning, and you are inspired into action. This is the phase where growth happens.

Celebrations and Commitments

Focus, commitment, perseverance and completion allow us to feel good about ourselves. You bring enjoyment, more creativity and a soul-satisfying aura about you

Strength and Surrender

As a bold and conscious leader, you learn to be deeply aware of your power and your own free will. Understanding how strength and surrender go hand in hand will set you free.

Courage and Bold Productivity

What does spirituality or courage have to do with productivity? When you open your heart to a spiritual space and tap into a higher frequency, you become more focused, energized and productive.

Gain Control of Your Life and Find the Balance You Need to Succeed!

Our leadership coaching is meant for you if you wish to be a heart-centered leader and want to empower your life, while at the same time being true to your beliefs.

Raju teaches you to connect your leadership to a higher purpose which will help you to find meaning in your work, and stay deeply engaged and motivated. Authenticity, integrity and credibility are values that will always stand you in good stead. But how do you know it’s all working?

Let me show you the Bold Conscious Leadership Method

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Reduce Anxiety & Stress

How does one learn to live in the present moment despite the anxiety and stress that surround us in our personal and professional life?

Support Career Change

When you are feeling stressed and unfulfilled in your career, how do you step back and look objectively at the situation? When is the right time to jump ship? Or should you even?

Gain Clarity & Confidence

Stuck in a career or relationship? What if I showed you it is IMPOSSIBLE to be stuck?

What would it mean if I showed you how to be fully present and thrive in joyous abundance even with all the strife around us?

Find Your New Narrative

I Can Be Your Coach

If you are struggling to cope with mid-life transitions, feel like there is a disconnection from your purpose, and you are unable to focus the way you used to be able to, you are not alone.

I know that feeling where your gut tells you one thing, but you do another. Not so long ago, I was where you are; but I overcame my own hurdles with the help of the BCL Method and since then have helped hundreds of high achievers do the same.

Allow me to extend my hand and show you how to navigate this stage with ease and purpose to live a more easeful and happy life.

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As a John Maxwell Certified Coach and Speaker, and a leadership coach, Raju is passionate about helping any woman or man who considers themselves a leader, including senior executives, entrepreneurs or homemakers who want to grow their vision and realize their potential. He taught the Dale Carnegie course when he was just 25, and later curated and developed several hundreds of hours of training, participated in exclusive masterminds, and coached leaders, in his various corporate leadership roles over 30 years.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Raju has had five start-ups, after he left Morgan Stanley as a Managing Director where he spent 18 years. His industry experience cuts across: securities markets, risk management, investment banking, FinTech, technology-enabled services and asset management.

Raju’s passion for personal development and his ability to influence and coach continues to garner him appreciation for developing strong leaders.

“Redefine success on your terms so that you can live an unshackled life, regardless of external circumstances.”
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Bold Conscious Leadership

The book that every entrepreneur, leader and management expert should read in 2024. It reveals the secrets of living a high achieving and fulfilling life without the stresses of a daily grind, even with an economy in recession.

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What My Clients are Saying

I have noticed that I am more attuned to peoples way of expressing themselves, both verbally and physically. Having the ability to watch myself over again in the session has been a great objective way to see myself from outside myself. Also confirming how the change in setting and feeling can influence how you view yourself and others in any given moment.
Ryan Bucci
Ex-Pro Basketball Player, Owner of BucciTours
I feel like I received a lot of great insight around my blocks around money/limiting beliefs that need to be released. I am excited to use the tools you've given me not only for myself but also to be able to provide it to my clients as well.
Gina Bonacci
Sexual Empowerment Coach
I focus more on the “WHAT” and the “WHY” instead of the “HOW” and therefore, I'm bolder and more courageous, which leads to taking action with more conviction and confidence. I am more conscious day to day in what I do. (Being part of the) the coaching sessions has not only given a positive impact for me in starting my business, but also in my day to day life!
Lilian Wanandy-Perez
Employee to Entrepreneur
It is my honor to be a part of your coaching group . You all are amazing individuals with so much to give. The space you hold for us is immeasurable. Being able to unite a group of strangers for the most part and guide us to be more than we ever thought we could be is very special .
Lisa Pakenham
Corporate Executive

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