Bold Conscious Leadership

This 11-tenet method is at the heart of achieving mindset mastery, so you can begin to make changes that impact everything from your career/business to your health to your relationships

About me

"Reasons come first; answers later". This quote propels me towards growth.

bold conscious leadership by raju panjwani

Raju has been committed to personal growth since as long as he can remember.

His personal transformation, however, has occurred multiple times. He came to the US with just $8 in his pocket, experienced a divorce by age 34, had six near-death experiences, including the 2004 Asian tsunami in which he and his family were swept away, followed by the death of his second wife to Stage 4 cancer, which left him to single-parent two boys.

Raju has lived in the US for over 43 years. As a John Maxwell Certified Coach and Speaker, and a no-excuses focused coach, Raju is passionate about helping business owners tap into their vision and realize their potential. He has taught the Dale Carnegie course, curated and developed several hundreds of hours of training, participated in exclusive masterminds, and coached several leaders.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Raju has had five start-ups.

Prior to having his own businesses, Raju worked at Price Waterhouse as a Financial Services Specialist, followed by 18 years at Morgan Stanley (MS), where he was a Managing Director. His roles at MS included being the Global Head of Risk and Audit, COO and Country Head of MS’s India office and Global Head of Strategy and Sourcing. He was responsible for setting up MS’s India presence in the mid-1990s.

When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears
probably the Theosophists
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More About Me

Raju Is A Veteran Wall Street Executive-Turned Entrepreneur

After six near death experiences, followed by the loss of his loving wife at a young age, it easy to say, “Why me?” Mortality is a major motivator for Raju: “life is fickle, so let each day we are alive, count”. That’s his refrain. So he focuses on what fulfills him, which is to help others to live a life of no-excuses and no complaints about what is going on outside of them. 

Raju’s passion for personal development and his ability to influence and coach continues to garner him appreciation for:

  • Identifying and Nurturing Leaders
  • Grooming Top Talent
  • Coaching Leaders to Redefine Success on their terms

His roles at MS included being the Global Head of Risk and Audit, COO and Country Head of MS’s India office, and Global Head of Strategy and Sourcing. He was responsible for setting up MS’s India presence in the mid-1990s.

Raju is a Chartered Accountant, has a degree in Finance & Economics and is also a New York State CPA


What My Clients are Saying

I have noticed that I am more attuned to peoples way of expressing themselves, both verbally and physically. Having the ability to watch myself over again in the session has been a great objective way to see myself from outside myself. Also confirming how the change in setting and feeling can influence how you view yourself and others in any given moment.
Ryan Bucci
Ex-Pro Basketball Player, Owner of BucciTours
I feel like I received a lot of great insight around my blocks around money/limiting beliefs that need to be released. I am excited to use the tools you've given me not only for myself but also to be able to provide it to my clients as well.
Gina Bonacci
Sexual Empowerment Coach
I focus more on the “WHAT” and the “WHY” instead of the “HOW” and therefore, I'm bolder and more courageous, which leads to taking action with more conviction and confidence. I am more conscious day to day in what I do. (Being part of the) the coaching sessions has not only given a positive impact for me in starting my business, but also in my day to day life!
Lilian Wanandy-Perez
Employee to Entrepreneur
It is my honor to be a part of your coaching group . You all are amazing individuals with so much to give. The space you hold for us is immeasurable. Being able to unite a group of strangers for the most part and guide us to be more than we ever thought we could be is very special .
Lisa Pakenham

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