The BCL Coaching & Mentoring Program

For high-achieving leaders who are ready to discover greater depth, to feel free and expand their perspective and influence. For C-level executives seeking to transition to entrepreneurship that helps them to accelerate manifestation of their deep desires to make meaningful contribution and live a life of high impact.

This leadership coaching program is for you if you:

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What is BOLD Conscious Leadership?

Bold Conscious Leadership is a revolutionary and powerful leadership system. By implementing this technique, the leader becomes radically responsible, self-aware, and focuses on building a culture of “we” rather than a culture of “me”.

Can you become a Conscious leader?

The BCL program is for leaders who want to live with deep intentionality, and desire for creating an uplifting ripple effect!

What Do You Gain from Our Leadership Program?

We want to help business leaders like you to redefine success on their terms to allow more time, space and energy to live impactful lives.

Our 4 Principles of BOLD Consciousness:

BY the end of this leadership program you will have what you need to RECREATE your reality

Eliminate limiting beliefs and overcome your excuses once and for all

by becoming aware of them, and recognizing that those are keys to unlocking your potential.

Wake up each day with a deeper sense of purpose and connection to your mission

Focus on needle-moving activities that meet the needs you are serving, while maintaining harmony and balance in every major area of your life.

Feel empowered to make decisions and confidently navigate uncertainty

Develop greater clarity and courage to commit and take inspired actions that align with your values and beliefs.

How can you become a conscious leader?

The skills, strategy, resources, and community that will allow you to secure your path to succeed. A foundation that will fuel your freedom and ability to build a business and a life you love.

Book A Strategy Session With A Leadership Coach

Everyone thinks they need answers. What most people don’t know is that the answers they are seeking are already within them. The strategy session is an opportunity for us to ask deeper questions that facilitate self-discovery and reveal possibilities that otherwise stay hidden.
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What’s Inside The Bold Conscious Leadership Program

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Value Guaranteed

We are SO confident that if you implement what you learn inside of the Bold Consciousness Leadership Program you’ll get ROI that knows no limits. The only thing you have to do is suspend your disbelief and give it a chance. You have nothing to lose and dozens — even hundreds — of doors that will open, if you give yourself a chance to learn how to live a BOLD life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Three phases over 12 weeks. We meet each week — via Zoom — and the call is about targeted individual coaching in a group setting.

Weekly, for 90 minutes

12 weeks

The value of the program is derived from the outcomes you will generate as a result of your goals prior to starting. This will be clear in the strategy session

No, not at all! The breakthroughs you experience will allow you to see a path that is unique to you! 

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Download this FREE workbook and take your first steps to becoming a Bold Conscious Leader.

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