“9 to 5, or Entrepreneurship?” That was my big question, says Yaritza Ruiz, owner of Absolutely Clear Title Agency

Yaritza became a teen mother, and faced challenges of life that no teenager should encounter. Mounting hurdles did not deter young Yaritza: they only propelled her to overcome.

Now, some two decades on, she continues to ask her the next big question and the next one after that…

A NY State Licensed Title Insurance Agent and owner of Absolutely Clear Title Agency, Yaritza graduated Cum Laude from Lehman College in Bronx, NY. With a love for law that led her to a paralegal job, that exposed her to ins and outs of real estate. After 10 years, her desire to question her 9 to 5 life in an environment that was conducive to her entrepreneurial spirit, Yaritza set up her own business to find, not only work-life balance, but also change the way practices in the title business needed a fresh perspective.

Listen to this beautiful conversation as Yaritza talks about continual climbing ‘walls of fear’ that never go away, but also shares her FIVE practices that keep her grounded and BOLD.

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