Beyond the 9 to 5: A Story of Entrepreneurial Ascent

This episode offers an insightful look into the transformation from a structured corporate role to the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. Our guest, Jimmi Bradbury, shares his philosophy of ‘Mortality Motivation’ and how it propelled the shift from a comfortable job to a more fulfilling, self-driven career path.

The conversation delves into the challenges of leaving a secure 9-5 job, the strategies employed to navigate the uncertainties of entrepreneurship, and the importance of mentorship in this journey.

We talk about:

Transition Challenges:

Exploring the mental and strategic shifts required to move from a corporate career to entrepreneurship.

Mortality Motivation:

Understanding how this philosophy influenced his career and life decisions.

Online Business Academy:

Insights into mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and the role of digital platforms in growing a business.

Work-Life Balance:

Discussing the importance of balancing personal well-being with professional aspirations.

So many quotable quotes:!

“It wasn’t a money-driven thing… it was a desire to do more in life than just earn money and work in a job.”

“Working for somebody else, the control is not with you… I was earning the money but I didn’t have control.”

“Mortality Motivation is about valuing our time and making impactful decisions.”

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