”Even in darkness, there will be a light”, says Taiwan Scott, one of the “12 Black Leaders To Know in South Carolina”

How do you pursue a mission larger than you? Taiwan Scott explains.

Taiwan didn’t know that his ancestors were buried underneath golf courses! He discovered that challenging any ‘established’ system requires much more than courage. The PERSEVERANCE needed to pursue your MISSION takes aa village.

He took up a cause he believed in: the Gullah-Geechee community in Hilton Head Island and LowCountry, South Carolina had received their land through Congressional authority. However, Taiwan believed that there was no level playing field, when it came to develop their properties just as the rest of the owners did.

This conversation is intriguing, even as the subject has been dragging through media and politics for very long. He had a recent victory, and his story is covered well in a local paper


But this chat is about BOLD, CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP.

Taiwan shares his leadership lessons freely, for those navigating unchartered waters. Examples:

✅ “All challenges are a bump in the road, if you believe in your destination”

✅ Love the culture, not the people…. check out what he means!

28:0032:00: Do you believe in your beliefs?

✅ There is “easeness” in being BOLD

✅ To make a difference, make your mission larger than you

and so many more!


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