Finding Your True Voice: Creating Impactful Offers…with Radhika Lucas

In this episode, Radhika Lucas, the founder of Content Halo, talks about her work helping professional services business owners create scalable and salable offers.

Radhika shares her how she combines her background in marketing and advertising using “lived experiences” with custom frameworks to help her clients. She also discusses the importance of finding your voice before finding visibility and overcoming the fear of judgment and visibility.

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Key Takeaways

✅ Combining lived experiences with custom frameworks can help create unique and authentic offers.

✅ Finding your voice before finding visibility is crucial for overcoming the fear of judgment and confidently articulating yourself.

✅ Theater skills can be used to build confidence and improve communication in online business.

✅ Authentic messaging and connection are key to building a successful online business.

✅ The first step after deciding to be an entrepreneur is to clarify and develop your offer.


Radhika Lucas is a business strategist for professional services-based business owners and helps them build or reposition their online offer in 4 hours and develop the confidence to articulate themselves to deepen their relationship with their perfect audience.

She does this by combining their lived experiences into a custom framework to create an asset in their business followed by a blend of behavior change and theatre skills to help you articulate on video with ease so they can get past the fear of being judged, insecure, or scared of putting themselves out there to be confident with visibility and messaging in a safe space.  

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