“Focus on your journey, not just your destination”, says Indian-American Entrepreneur Anupy Singla

“Love cooking, but hate making dinner?”Join the club! Instant Pot Indian author Anupy Singla gets it.

This engaging conversation resonated more than usual, because Anupy brought out some perspectives I had not thought about, being an Indian (“Desi”: a native from India)!

As someone who shares Anupy’s passion for bringing Indian food to the American palate, I was really impressed with new perspectives from her. This conversation was not only thought-provoking, but entertaining with some really endearing, funny and some breakthrough moments:

– “I love cooking, but hate making dinner”

– “share with others your journey from the middle — share where you are and not just your success”

– “I was that latchkey kid: it was lonesome”

– “be honest about your journey…us Indians need to be more conscious and real”

I must say, there were some really great insights into the Indian culture, our unconscious behaviors, fascination with the “biggest”, the “best”, the “topmost”. And how we are constantly judging — more than other communities — and also not supportive of our own kind!

I better not give it all away! This is a must-listen!

About Anupy Singla:

Chicago-based author, blogger, and entrepreneur, Anupy Singla is the author of four cookbooks, Instant Pot Indian, The Indian Slow Cooker, Indian for Everyone, and Vegan Indian Cooking – among the top-selling Indian cookbooks in North America.

Born in India and raised outside of Philadelphia, Anupy grew up visiting her grandfather’s village in the heart of Punjab, India. It was from him that she received her first spice lesson.

It was this passion for spice and authentic Indian ingredients that led her to leave her career as a television journalist to cook every recipe she grew up eating, blog about it on www.indianasapplepie.com, and create delicious food memories for her own daughters and now thousands of fans.

Anupy’s gourmet food line ‘Indian As Apple Pie’ specializes in authentic Indian spices, sauces, and legumes and is carried by grocery stores in the Midwest and beyond including Whole Foods Market, Woodlake Market in Kohler, WI, and Harvest Market in Champaign, IL.

Her practical, journalistic style has made Indian food accessible to so many and celebrates Indian cooking from an American point of view – in essence Indian As Apple Pie.

You can reach Anupy via her website at https://www.indianasapplepie.com/

Photo © Andrew Miller | Andrew Miller Photography


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