From Financial Fears to Fiscal Finesse: The Excelstra Effect. CEO Eunicia Peret explains…

Eunicia Peret is the visionary CEO & Founder of Excelstra, an award-winning financial strategist, and a former corporate entrepreneur. With a passionate commitment to making a tangible difference in her clients’ lives, Eunicia has transitioned from a successful corporate career to empowering solopreneurs and business owners.

At Excelstra, she focuses on helping her clients maximize their financial potential, guiding them to keep more of what they earn, grow their finances faster, and prepare optimally for the future.

In highlighting the importance of:

  • personalized financial guidance
  • the need for support when transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurial life, and
  • the value of embracing uncertainty with courage and boldness.

Eunicia shares insights on alternative investment strategies and the transformation process she guides her clients through.

The conversation highlights the significance of humility in leadership and the power of having a mentor or support team.

Worthy Highlights:

Eunicia’s Personal Journey:

From feeling undersupported in financial matters to founding Excelstra, aiming to revolutionize the client-centric financial services landscape.

The Genesis of Excelstra:

Motivated by personal financial challenges and the realization of the financial services industry’s shortcomings, Eunicia embarked on creating solutions that prioritize the consumer’s interest.

Client Transformation Stories:

Eunicia shares compelling narratives of how her clients transitioned from financial uncertainty to achieving remarkable financial clarity and growth, emphasizing personalized financial strategies.

Entrepreneurial Insights:

Offering valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate individuals yearning for financial freedom and time independence. Eunicia stresses the importance of a supportive ecosystem and tailored financial planning.

Embracing New Ventures:

The emotional and practical facets of leaving corporate life, highlighting the crucial role of mentors and strategic planning in navigating the entrepreneurial journey.

Notable Quotes:

“Our mess becomes our message.”

“Lean into the unknown with boldness and a clear strategy.”

“You deserve to know what else is there that you’re missing out on.”

“Pay to speed. Invest in your growth.”

Resources mentioned in the episode:

1. Eunicia Peret’s company, Excelstra, offers a suite of financial advisory services tailored for solopreneurs and business owners. More information at:

2. Eunicial recommends reading:

“You Are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero, for a motivational perspective on financial empowerment.


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