Growth mindset requires you to challenge your mental models, proffers Mphasis CEO Nitin Rakesh

Nitin Rakesh is a truly contemporary leader of today, who has demonstrated what he wrote in his book, Transformation in Times of Crisis.

Not surprisingly this conversation is simply full of gems like:

* if you don’t take a chance on you now, when will you?

* your point of view is not block or white

* your definition of success depends on your stage in life; it does not have a unidimensional trajectory

* to be BOLD is to take action based on conviction; you need humility to course-correct

* plans are useless, planning is important

and so many more!

You will walk away with so much more. As Nitin says, “success to me is that I know I am better than I was yesterday, and I will be better tomorrow because of what I learn today”.

Nitin embodies a Bold, Conscious Leader!

About Nitin Rakesh:

Nitin Rakesh, a distinguished leader in the Technology and Financial services industries, is the CEO and Managing Director of Mphasis. His career spans over two decades leading large transnational operations and delivering transformative digital solutions to Fortune 500 companies. A computer science engineer at heart, Nitin’s lifelong passion for Innovation and Technology is evident throughout his career. Coupled with his deep domain expertise in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance verticals, strong customer orientation and an entrepreneurial mindset, he has been able to bring cutting-edge offerings consistently to accelerate value creation for customers, shareholders, and employees.

Notably, it has led to the introduction of Mphasis’ C=X2C2=1TM formula for success, (hyper-personalization; drive n=1 powered by Cloud & Cognitive); driving multi-dimensions of business value with an integrated consumer-centric Front2BackTM Digital Transformation driven by IP assets which resulted in the remarkable turnaround of Mphasis into a leading global software services firm. Under Nitin’s leadership, Mphasis has set a record of highest deal wins in its history and witnessed growth on the market cap from $1.7 billion in 2017 to $4.8 billion, as of January 2023, thus re-defining benchmarks and growing above the industry rate. Mphasis’ stock price observed an increase of ~4x, in six years.

Earlier, as the Founding CEO and Managing Director of Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company, he led the launch of many award-winning innovative investment products, including India’s first US equities-based Exchange Traded Fund that tracks the NASDAQ-100 index. His work with companies on advising them on their transformation roadmap with an ‘Applied Technology’ mindset earned him the Gold Stevie for ‘Executive of the Year – Computer Services’, under the Management award category. He also won the ‘2019 American Business Awards & International Business Awards – Gold Stevie’ under the ‘Tech Innovator of the Year – Services’ category. Nitin’s maiden book has been recognized as ‘Best Business Book’ in the ‘Publication Award Category’ of American Business Awards and has won the International Business Book title at 2021 Business Book Awards.

He is one of the first 250 CEOs globally across 26 countries who has committed to build an inclusive work environment, end disability inequality through business performance and create social and economic value of people living with disabilities across the world. Nitin is an active member of US – India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) and member of the NASSCOM executive council.

Nitin is a founding member of Plaksha University in India, a new model of engineering education and research through collective philanthropy to transform higher education in India. He also serves as a founding Trustee of Ashoka University in India.

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