How your mess becomes your message! Lilian-Wanandy Perez is a living example of how her personal challenges led to her becoming more BOLD, in the middle of COVID!

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Lilian grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia where her family still resides. 

While she was growing up, Lilian was blessed to have enjoyed eating her mom’s great cooking. She always thought she would do the same, unfortunately, she didn’t like to cook…at first.

It was during her study in London, England where she earned her degree in Biochemistry that she fell in love with cooking and baking as it became her stress reliever.

Fast forward Lilian keeps her passion for cooking and baking as a hobby while spending almost 20 years in visual merchandising for one of the largest home furnishing company in the US. Lilian & her husband Kevin had also owned a home decor boutique in Arlington, VA for 5 years where they focused in promoting their own customized artwork along with supporting other artists. This was their first start up!

As a cancer survivor, Lilian always wonders of how she can impact others in life ….When her kids were diagnosed with multiple food allergies (dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and seeds), she was determined to keep being creative in finding solutions, creating new recipes and providing the same experience for her kids  as she had growing up — dreaming maybe one day for the food allergy community.

Not until the pandemic hit and like other moms and dads faced with a choice of staying at home to be with her kids or losing her job that pushed her to make her dream a reality. 

That’s when Poffy was born…out of love to bring food inclusivity for the food allergy community and everyone to enjoy! 💖

✨ Few more fun facts: Lilian loves spending time with her husband and co-owner, Kevin, two kids and two puppies. If not cooking, you can find her practicing taekwondo (Lilian has gained her first degree black belt in 2020), learning / reading anything personal growth and yoga. She also loves anything related to art and design and traveling with her family..

Always love working and collaborating with others to serve others, Lilian continues to build her own Poffy team to bring deliciousness to life!

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