Is your freedom worth the risk of starting a new business? What’s your downside?, asks 1Konto CEO, Edwin Handschuh

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Edwin Handschuh, CEO of 1Konto, a digital assets platform and creator of an institutional venue for zero counterparty risk, explains what led him to leave his flourishing job at a renowned bank.

He drops so many nuggets:

🎤 “Starting a company from scratch without prior experience was a big risk, but it was the only way to get that experience..”

🎤 “Most people overestimate the risk in making career goals: what is your actual risk? You’re not facing financial ruin if you screw up. You’re basically you’re gonna have to go work for somebody else again…”

🎤 “Go work at a startup. And once you do a year, two years, three years in a startup, that’s like 10! And you can come back to corporate America if you want and jump over that ceiling…”

And many, many more!


Edwin, CEO of 1Konto, holds a BS in Finance from Drexel University and began his career in Sales & Trading at Wells Fargo, where his group managed $350 million in assets under management of High Net Worth Individuals.

In 2019, together with his brother, Michael Handschuh, he co-founded 1Konto, guided by a belief in free markets and free people, seeing Bitcoin and digital assets as a path to increase global freedom.

Outside of his professional life, Edwin enjoys cars, watches, and spending time with his family, including his wife Alex, son Leo, and puppy Odin.

His vision for 1Konto is to upgrade the financial system where any asset-to-asset trading at the best price becomes the standard, reducing cost and friction in global markets.

Edwin’s leadership, innovation, and commitment to enhancing efficiency in the financial landscape have positioned 1Konto as a leader in the industry.

For those interested in connecting with Edwin or learning more about 1Konto’s initiatives, he can be reached on:

LinkedIn at:

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Website at:


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