It is all about making a “shift in state”, say Susannah and Doug Winters, entrepreneurs and founders of Hilton Head Coffee

There are so many takeaways in this conversation for those of you who:

✅ Want to find courage to simply start — whatever your dream

✅ Balancing career and business

✅ Finding ways to keeping your relationships fresh

✅ Creating little reminders each day to embrace what is truly valuable in life!


Susannah Joy Winters is a Hypno-Birthing Educator, Essential Oil Advocate, Mom & Wife, with 10 years’ experience working for Lululemon Athletica in management, leadership development, and community outreach.

A former member of the USA National Kayak Team and 2x Olympic trials competitor, Susannah enjoys practicing yoga daily, and makes delicious green smoothies.


Doug is an experienced real estate broker and licensed Professional Engineer. He holds a master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Rutgers University’s School of Engineering along with an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration from Niels Brock California International Business University.

He also has a solid background in business and sales. Over the past 16 years, Doug has exclusively served clients as a real estate professional and investor. He’s a “relaxed professional” with a laid back, humorous attitude.

When he’s not working with clients, Doug enjoys spending time with his wife, Susannah, and his two children. You might find him at the beach, cycling, playing with his Rhodesian Ridgebacks, or running in a road race or triathlon event, while also roasting coffee!

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