“It takes a patient physician to listen to the impatient patient”, says Nuclear-cardiologist Dr. Sharad Jaitly

Dr. Sharad Jaitly is all about finding the HUman element in a mechanized world

The periodic table does not have HU, but Dr. Jaitly would love to see that change. A practicing physician of 45 years, he has always believed that “it takes a patient physician to listen to the story of the impatient patient”

Not only that, a heart-led doctor is what it takes to bring your best self to your patient, and abide by the Hippocratic Oath!

Dr. Jaitly, in his book, HUman Element, describes his philosophies, and how they have been put to the test, and truly tested during the recent loss of his son, Muni in his mid-30s.

There are many leadership lesson in this conversation…

– about authenticity;

– about being heart-led

– and about communicating through active listening

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