Let ADVENTURE help you with SENSE OF SELF and give you Certainty, Confidence and Conviction, says Daniela Nastasi

“Do you hear the phone ringing…are you in the vicinity… will you answer the call?” listen to Daniela describe how we live a life of reality (an illusion) and miss the “calls” to pursue opportunities.

In this heart-warming chat, you will hear about how Daniela’s search for meaning, self-knowledge and ‘being alive’ began after experiencing immense loss and spiraling negative thoughts that felt uncontrollable, about 13 years ago.

For 10 years, she embarked on a journey of immense self-reflection and exploration, including mission trips, globe-trotting, volunteering with therapy horses, completing multiple certification courses, walking on hot coals and attending intensive meditative trainings.

Eventually, she found that tapping into consistent meditation practices and spending time in nature with animals (especially horses) proved to be the game changer for improving my clarity and emotional health as well as having a healthy outlook on life.

Now she wants to spread all the knowledge that she has gained as well as the physical space she has created — to help others achieve relief and rejuvenation.

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You can book personal and corporate experiences at Artemis Hill, where Daniela rescues horses and other animals that help bring smiles to all who visit.

On Instagram, you can find Daniela @Artemis Hill Farm

Email: ummastery@gmail.com

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