Pivots, Profit, and the Power of Persistence: The Joe Gissy Way!

If you are considering being an entrepreneur, you may want to listen to this “Happy” guy!

In this episode, I, Raju Panjwani, have the privilege of conversing with Joseph Gissy, the CEO of Tactive Wealth, who shares his journey through the landscapes of entrepreneurship and leadership.


✅ Embrace the Pivot: Joe emphasizes the value of pivoting within your knowledge sphere as an opportunity for growth and enhancement, rather than a departure from core competencies.

✅ The Realities of Entrepreneurship: From the glamour portrayed on social media to the gritty truths of building a business, Joe dissects what it truly means to be an entrepreneur in today’s world.

✅ Starting with Zero: Acknowledging that every successful journey begins from nothing, Joe imparts the importance of patience and resilience for budding entrepreneurs.

✅ Value Pricing: Raju and Joe discuss the delicate art of valuation—how raising your rates can be a litmus test for both your business and your self-worth.

✅ Coaching and Accountability: Raju reflects on the benefits of having a coach for guidance, pushing limits, and providing necessary tough love.

✅ Wisdom Worth Paying For: They share a powerful anecdote about recognizing and paying for expertise, not just time.

✅ Learning from Failure: Joe openly talks about his setbacks and how each one has been a stepping stone towards better leadership and stronger business acumen.

✅ Humanity at its Core: In a poignant closing, Joe reveals his optimistic belief in the intrinsic kindness of humanity, despite external narratives.


🎤 “Innovation doesn’t replace; it enhances.”

🎤 “Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart; it’s a journey of constant learning.”

🎤 “Everybody starts with zero—what counts is the willingness to keep going.”

🎤 “You’re not paying for the minutes; you’re paying for the experience.”

🎤 “Failure is not just an outcome, it’s an invaluable teacher.”

🎤 “Every human being is inherently kind—look past the rough exteriors.”

Don’t miss out on this episode full of insights, wisdom, and real-life advice that transcends business and touches the core of personal development!


He may be the Founder & CEO of Tactive Wealth (https://tactivewealth.com/), but there is so much more to him! Here is his detailed Bio:


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