“Synthetic media is not the future; it’s here!”, says DAM Consultant, Henrik De Gyor

In this conversation, Henrik de Gyor, a Consultant, makes us aware of how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is already here and impacting all of us.

Henrik reveals fascinating applications, use cases already here, including chatGPT. Just many wonderful insights into future of work, employee well-being and how companies will need to evaluate technology, in the post-pandemic era…

Henrik de Gyor is a Consultant at Another DAM Consultancy who assists, advises, and advocates for his clients. Henrik has previously worked in the fields of advertising, automobiles, construction, education, finance, journalism, manufacturing, marketing, media, retail, and technology. Henrik is also an active speaker, podcaster with 9 podcast series, and author of 9 published books. Henrik works remotely from South Carolina where he lives with his wife.

Find Henrik de Gyor here:

A Consulting Call: https://henrikdegyor.com/schedule/

Speaking: https://henrikdegyor.com/speaking/

Podcasts: https://henrikdegyor.com/podcasts/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hdegyor/

Books: http://amazon.com/author/henrikdegyor

His latest book: 

Synthetic Media: The Next Reality:


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