“Transform your disappointment into self-liberation”, says the inimitable Guy Finley.

If there is one episode you will listen to from our show, it has to be THIS ONE, hands down!

If you are living your life in disappointment or discouragement, there is just one secret to your true transformation. You will find it in this conversation with Guy Finley, who is a true living Master. His wisdom, accumulated over 45 years of his own journey, is beautifully conveyed by him on this podcast.

Here are just some of the nuggets you want to listen for:

  • How do you become unstoppable? There is this one way…
  • A real Leader is alone: takes the risk of stepping into the unknown
  • Your sense of feeling incomplete is what lays out your path to freedom 
  • Venom is the antidote: your courageous act to run from fear is not it
  • We are creations not creators: participating in life regardless of what it throws at you, is the key to contentment 
  • Fear can deliver only thing: more fear… what to do instead?

There are also lighter moments, such as:

  • It has taken years of playing bad golf to learn how not to leave the course feeling negative

How to reach Guy Finley

Website: https://www.guyfinley.org

Get in touch with Guy’s amazing body of work. Tune in live every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening for Guy’s ongoing free online classes.

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