What does Crypto have to do with Consciousness? Crypto Oracle’s Lou Kerner tells you!

Lou Kerner saw the “crypto light” as he describes it, in June 2017, and that’s when he had the epiphany! Listen to this story about 10 minutes in…

I love how Lou Kerner defines COMMUNITY: “it is an ecosystem where, when it works, everyone gets more out of it than they put in. He didn’t realize that he has always been about starting communities, as he reflects on BOLT, something he started over 20 years ago. He was an early spotter of Facebook.

No wonder then, that he identified MeetUp as a community platform and started Crypto Monday, which has now grown to over 50 locations globally!

How does this all relate to consciousness? Well, watch the episode and you will learn!

There are many golden nuggets in the conversation: Lou offers his thoughts on:

✅ what true leadership is

✅ his introduction to consciousness this year at Davos where he met a Lama!

✅ Why we should pay attention to crypto: it is about viewing wealth inequality with a new lens

✅ society and community

✅ how the US needs to wake up to the loss of its economic primacy

and so much more!


Lou Kerner  is the Founder of the CryptoOracle Collective, the leading decentralized web3 advisory service with 200+ web3 “experts”.  Lou is also a Partner at Blockchain Coinvestors, a crypto fund-of-fund, invested in 40+ of the world’s leading crypto VCs. Lou’s also the CEO of Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp., a publicly traded SPAC.  Lou is also a senior advisor to the Global Blockchain Group at investment bank Moelis & Co,

Lou’s been a crypto thought leader since 2013, when the Wall Street Journal called Lou “Wall Street’s Bitcoin Expert”. Lou is ranked among the most influential crypto bloggers on Medium and regularly keynotes major crypto industry events. He also founded CryptoMondays, the largest crypto Meetup group in the world, with chapters in 50  cities.

Prior to crypto, Lou was an equity analyst following media companies for Goldman Sachs. Lou has a B.A. from U.C.L.A. and an MBA from Stanford.


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