How to succeed fearlessly, with 3 Tips author Meera Gandhi

This conversation is full of nuggets like:

* “Fear of Success is real!”

* “Everyone is vying for a piece of you: be careful!”

* “When you do it with heart, in the moment, you are successful..”

* “If you do it fearlessly and sincerely, you will succeed!”

My personal favorite was when she said, “enjoy the journey a little more joyfully, a little less fearfully, worry a little less about the future and a little less concerned about regret…and anxiety… these are all wasted emotions

There is so much more to Meera… and her Giving Back Foundation.

About Meera Gandhi

Meera Teresa Gandhi is the daughter of an Irish mother and an Indian father. At the age of 16, she volunteered to teach at Ashadaan, a shelter for abandoned and differently-abled children run by Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity which proved to be the turning point in Meera’s life.

Meera had the opportunity then to work and interact closely with Mother Teresa. This is when she truly understood the great joy in doing things that are beyond and outside of the self.

Meera has lived many roles in her life as a philanthropist, a mother, a businesswoman, a television show host, an author and spiritual yogi who believes that we are very much a part of the universal spirit and we all must live in the flow of the ether that guides and propels us through our life journey!

Meera is also a sponsor of the Woodstock Film Festival where she presents the Meera Gandhi Giving Back Award to a director, producer or actor who best delivers a message of social change and who has a strong compassion for philanthropy. Awardees have included Mark Ruffalo and Mira Nair.

She is also a recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor (2015), Marc Anthony Maestro Cares Humanitarian Award, Children’s Hope Humanitarian award, among many others.

There is so much more to Meera… and her Giving Back Foundation. Look her up at:

About the Book, 3 TIPS:

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