From Vision to Venture: Kindling The Entrepreneurial Spirit. How Akshaara Lalwani did it…

Akshara Lalwani, founder and CEO of Communicate India, shares her journey as an entrepreneur and the challenges she faced.

She emphasizes the importance of being passionate and deeply spiritual in any role. We dived into the pivotal moments that led her to start her own business and the transformative personal experiences that shaped her vision.

She also talks about the values that influence her leadership style and the tough decisions she had to make to ensure the survival and growth of her company during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Akshara highlights the integration of AI into the PR world and how it has enhanced campaigns and improved efficiency. She also addresses the balance between authenticity and managing high-profile clients in the PR industry.

In this conversation, Akshaara Lalwani discusses the challenges she faced as a young entrepreneur and the importance of authenticity and empathy in communication. She also talks about the emerging trends in PR and digital marketing, emphasizing the need for narrative building and a holistic approach to marketing.

Akshaara shares advice for entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of contentment and the acceptance of failure. She also discusses the role of mentors and the support system in her life. The conversation concludes with a rapid-fire round where Akshaara shares insights into her morning ritual, leadership style, guilty pleasure, and role models

Entrepreneurship, passion, spirituality, leadership, values, tough decisions, COVID-19, AI, PR industry, authenticity, high-profile clients, entrepreneurship, authenticity, empathy, PR, digital marketing, emerging trends, contentment, failure, mentors, support system, rapid-fire round


  • Passion and spirituality are important in any role, whether as an entrepreneur or an employee.
  • Pivotal moments and transformative personal experiences shape an entrepreneur’s vision and approach.
  • Tough decisions and adherence to values are crucial for the survival and growth of a company during challenging times.
  • AI integration in the PR industry enhances campaigns and improves efficiency.
  • Balancing authenticity and managing high-profile clients requires careful navigation and communication. Authenticity and empathy are crucial in communication, especially for young entrepreneurs.
  • The PR and digital marketing landscape is evolving, with a focus on narrative building and a holistic approach to marketing.
  • Entrepreneurs should prioritize contentment and not feel pressured to build large teams or achieve unicorn status.
  • Having a support system and mentors can provide guidance and accountability.
  • It’s important to live without regrets and stay true to oneself.


  • AI Integration in the PR Industry
  • Tough Decisions and Adherence to Values The Role of Mentors and Support System
  • Emerging Trends in PR and Digital Marketing

Sound Bites

  • “Passion is important to do justice to any role.”
  • “Leadership is lonely, and tough decisions test your values.”
  • “I was very authentic, but I tended to come across as brash.”
  • “My God, wasn’t that hard? I can finally talk about how long it took me, 10 years to get there.”


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