Finding Your Voice: Transformative Lessons in Leadership and Etiquette…

Caroline shares her insights on leadership, communication, and the power of etiquette in the professional world. Whether you’re a young adult just stepping into your career or a seasoned professional looking to refine your executive presence, this episode is packed with actionable advice and heartfelt stories that will inspire you to show up as your best self in any business encounter.

So many nuggets!

The Essence of Leadership:

How leadership is not just about guiding others but about being comfortable in your own skin and navigating business encounters with confidence.

Family and Entrepreneurship:

Professional ambitions with core value of family, offering a unique perspective on work-life harmony.

The Journey from Educator to Entrepreneur:

Discover Caroline’s transition from teaching to entrepreneurship and how she leverages her teaching skills in her current role to empower others.

The Power of Etiquette:

Understand why etiquette goes beyond charm school and how it plays a crucial role in building lasting, authentic relationships in business.

Overcoming Public Speaking Fear:

Caroline shares her personal journey of overcoming the fear of public speaking, offering hope and strategies for those facing similar challenges.

Importance of Core Values:

Find out how identifying and adhering to your core values can guide your decisions and help you navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and personal growth.

Quotable Quotes:

“Leadership is about showing up with the level of executive presence that aligns with your role.”

“Family first. My journey into entrepreneurship was fueled by my commitment to my family and my core values.”

“The dignity of others is paramount. Whether it’s etiquette or communication, acknowledging the worth of others is the foundation of all I teach.”

“The power of the pause in public speaking – it’s where the magic happens. It allows for reflection, connection, and clarity.”

“Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. Surround yourself with a community that uplifts, supports, and drives you forward.”

“Etiquette is not about the forks and knives; it’s about caring for the people around you.”

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